Red Stripe had a webcam in their office pointed at the desk. Depending on where they sat, you could usually see everyone in the room.

The people at Midas Oracle had submitted an idea about prediction markets.

They thought it was a very good idea.

After discovering that Red Stripe were unlikely to adopt it they became petulant and on 26th March posted a shot from the webcam showing Stewart reading the paper and Steven drinking coffee a tad dreamily.

There's an impressive looking drawing on the wall, though.

Then two days later, the peo
ple at Midas Oracle posted a camgrab, again from the Red Stripe webcam, purporting to show Stewart reading the previous Midas Oracle blog post (the one that referred to him reading the paper and Steven drinking coffee.)

'Snake,' as they rightly said, 'eats itself'.

(On the other hand, Jung saw the ourobouros as a symbol of the integration of the shadow as well as being a symbol of infinity and it was of enormous importance to the alchemists. It also symbolises the merging of past, present and future. Finally, August Kekulé said that a dream of an ourobouros ring inspired his discovery of the structure of benzene. And there's more mumbo jumbo here if you need it.)

Benzene image: Houston Chronicle

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